Damp Survey Bristol

August 13, 2018

Damp Survey Bristol – Discussed by Brunel Preservations

Damp is a condition that can occur in any home, given the right conditions. For most people, spotting patches of mould in their home can be alarming. It can also be the first sign of a huge problem since mould is usually a deeper rooted problem. When it comes to damp, the best way of stopping it is to catch it early. Damp is caused by excess moisture that accumulates in your home, either from faulty masonry that’s allowing rain & moisture to get in, or faulty plumbing that’s leaking water into the home. Damp surveys are one of the only ways to check for these faults since it isn’t always obvious what is causing the excess moisture in your home.  Surveys provided by professional company’s like Brunel Preservations are a surefire way of stopping damp in its tracks. If you’ve ever thought about damp in your home, a damp survey is the best solution for you. Take a look at our page on Damp Survey Bristol for more information about our damp surveys

Damp Survey Bristol

Damp Survey Bristol

Why are damp surveys important?

In order to find out how the damp is being caused, and the extent of which it’s damaging your home, a survey needs to be carried out in order to find the cause of the damp, as well as to come up with the best solution for fixing it. Damp surveys are one of the best ways of finding out the true cause of a problem. Making sure you’re getting a survey from a professional company is also very important. Choosing the right company makes a huge difference. Untrained surveyors may not be able to detect the problem properly. When you’re looking for a solution to your damp problems, you need to be provided with the right diagnosis. If a surveyor isn’t able to detect the correct problem they won’t be able to provide the right solution, creating a new problem that doesn’t need to be solved. You’ll be wasting time, money & effort since you won’t actually be solving the problem at hand.i

Damp is a huge issue that shouldn’t be left to progress & worsen. A lot of people think damp just cause small patches of mould that you can just wash away, and that opening a window now and again will solve it. Whilst this may be the case for 5% of people, the 95% of people suffering from damp area facing serious problems that could progress into huge structural faults. Damp can cause huge amounts of damage to a property as moisture can weaken bricks, mortar & structural timber. Damp promotes the growth of moulds/fungi’s that progress into rot, which ruins structural timber.

Damp & your health

Damp has the ability to affect & deteriorate your health. Damp itself won’t harm you, but damp will allow and speed up the growth of mould. Damp allows mould to grow in any home, which can be a hazard due to the spores that mould releases. Airbourne mould spores are a hazard to all living animals since the spores are small enough to be inhaled into our respiratory systems. This can cause complications like asthma which is a lifelong condition. There have even been studies to show that mould can cause emphysema, another life-changing condition that causes shortness of breath, difficulty breathing & deterioration of the lungs.

Mould won’t stop growing until the cause of the excess moisture (damp) has been resolved. This is why the causes of the damp need to be found and fixed so that the mould has no moisture to grow from.

Wood Rot

Wood is often a popular material in most residence in both a construction or decoration setting. Wood is an extremely durable material when used in a property but anterior problems like wood rot can ruin the structural strength of the material, along with the aesthetic appearance, which is not ideal. A damp survey could be the only thing that can discover excess moisture. If the wood is taken care off and maintained it lasts multiple lifetimes, however, you will need to look for rot, damp and other conditions that can ruin your timber. Below reveals a few different forms of rots that could impact your structural timber.

Rot (Structural Timber)

Damp Survey Bristol

Rot is a condition that effects structural timber that occurs when there is an excessive amount of moisture in the air. Although this seems like a small issue, it’s still an issue that can break down your wood to the point of no repair, so it’s crucial you find rot early on to avoid any damage which could go beyond restoration. With rot, the surplus moisture is nearly always a result of an architectural fault. Something as simple as a dripping roof, that is being absorbed by the brickwork next to the wood, can accumulate and bring about the moisture issue. Rather than just correcting the wood, your structural difficulty should be looked at given that you should always eliminate the supply of the problem rather than just repairing the damage that the issue is causing. While rot typically only damages timber due to its absorbent attributes, it can also damage harder materials such as your plaster since it may be absorbed into different materials at your residence, causing the degrading of these materials on account of excess dampness.

Wet rot might also impact your paintwork together with your wallpaper so any loose wallpaper or discoloured paint marks that have developed ought to be important signs of rot, indicating you have damp in your home.

What do I do if I find damp in my home?

If you find the presence of timber rot in any form, it is important to speak to a repair and treatment provider like Brunel Preservations as they are able to provide you with a comprehensive service through credited professionals that will clear your property of damp, wood rot, dry rot, wet rot as well as any other damp issue you’ve got in your own home.

If you think you have a damp problem in your home, don’t delay getting in touch with our team. Brunel Preservations have been the leading provider of damp proofing & damp surveys in Bristol & Bath for decades. Call today on 0117 953 5383 or visit our page on Damp Survey In Bristol to find out more information.