Wet rot and dry rot treatment

Often it’s the smell that tells you something’s not right. You lift a floorboard and there it is, fungal growth. Or your foot goes through a floorboard.

At Brunel Preservations our many years of experience have seen us successfully treat many serious outbreaks of dry rot or wet rot. The key to it is to deal with the source of the outbreak and ensure all wet rot & dry rot treatment is thorough.

Once we have fully assessed the problem we provide a cost breakdown. All completed works come with full guarantees.

Dry rot

Despite the name, dry rot fungus will suck the life out of household timbers in damp, unventilated conditions. Typically, leaking gutters, plumbing problems or raging damp can cause wood-rotting fungi to develop. Dry rot has a distinctive mushroom smell and produces white fungal growth that turns the wood dry and crumbly.

Wet rot

This is usually less serious and more straightforward to deal with than its dry rot cousin and typical evidence is softness, cracking and weakness in wood. There may be a damp, musty smell and sometimes fungal growth.

For severe damage we can carry out structural repairs and also re-plaster and decorate.
Dry Rot Treatment

  • Full survey/analysis
  • Establish source of the outbreak
  • Destroy all fungal growth
  • Remove affected timbers
  • Spray/treat wide area
  • Replace timbers
  • Make-good

Wet rot treatment:

  • Full survey/analysis
  • Remove moisture source
  • Cut out affected timbers
  • Spray/treat if needed
  • Replace timbers
  • Make-good

Brunel Preservations can re-plaster and provide decorating services to return your property to full health after the timber treatment process.