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Woodworm is a common term that you may see if you start searching for damp proofing. It sounds like a scary term, but it’s something that is avoidable & that can be solved quickly. It’s essential that woodworm is caught early to avoid the damage it causes. Removing woodworm does need professional attention in order to remove properly. Using a professional service is vital in order to keep the damage to a minimum. Professional woodworm treatment is the only practical and effective method of ridding your home of this condition.

Woodworm latches onto damp timber which is a side effect of having excess moisture in your home. They prefer timber with a high moisture content so they are just as likely to attack new wood as old. Damp is the leading cause of woodworm in homes since moist environments are the chosen breeding ground for woodworm. This is why damp proofing companies deal with woodworm a lot, since the conditions come hand in hand. Brunel Preservations are woodworm treatment specialists in Bristol, operating in the wider area of the South West for years.

How can woodworm effect my home?

If left unattended for too long, woodworm can damage cause to structural timber that can ruin a home. Structural timber is vital for load-bearing elements in a home. Weak timber will ruin a home, forcing the owner to pay thousands in order to repair it. Re-build costs can pile up as woodworm will ruin all timber if left to grow. As long as the damage is kept to a minimum, then the timber is repairable with treatments like resin filling. Resin repairs help to restore the structural integrity of the damaged timber by filling the holes created by woodworm.

Woodworm is most commonly found in furniture since items like wooden chairs etc. are more accessible to the larvae. This doesn’t mean that woodworm isn’t a major problem, however, as woodworm can develop and progress into the structural timber of your home. Woodworm will eventually eat through your structural timber making your home very unsafe, as the woodworm will weaken any load-bearing timber in your home.

Why pick Brunel for your woodworm treatment?

Brunel Preservations have a long history solving issues like woodworm in both residential and commercial buildings. We’ve helped and resolved thousands of woodworm problems in Bath & Bristol. Brunel provides a reliable woodworm service that will help to prevent any long-term damage once the woodworm is removed. This keeps your property in good order and helps resolve any other issues that may have caused woodworm. We also offer many other preservation services that may be related to woodworm. If you are looking to remove structure threatening conditions in your home, then visit our page on Woodworm In Bristol for more information.

The specialists at Brunel make sure that they fix the source of the problem rather than just removing it. We work for long-term solutions, and that means finding the source of the issue. Damp attracts woodworm larvaeas moist environments promote the breeding of the larvae. We work with you to solve the damp issue and try to educate why the problem started in the first place. Whether your home suffers from broken masonry or a leaking roof, Brunel help to provide a lasting solution that proofs your home of any future conditions.

Woodworm Bristol

Brunel ensures that all woodworm & damp related issues are resolved the first time. Many inferior service providers are offering woodworm services, but they aren’t as effective as professional damp proofing providers like Brunel. We offer a variety of services also so that we can assist you in any condition you may discover in your home. It’s frustrating to use different providers and companies for the same type of service. Brunel Preservations group it all into one service in order to manage the damp in one solution. This makes it much easier to manage & ensures quality as all services are being carried out by the same reliable provider.

Rather than being a company that likes to hide their shoddy work, Brunel likes to showcase work carried out by our surveyors. We take pride in the way we carry ourselves and the service we offer. We strive to at the fact we’re the leading damp proofing provider in Bath, taking care of conditions like woodworm.

Brunel has a wide range of damp proofing solutions for property owners from in Bath like our damp proof course treatments as well as roofing repairs. We stop the source of the damp in your home, so no new conditions progress and develop. A lot of companies try and take a cheap approach to damp proofing, but we don’t undercut the reliability and quality of our service with cheap materials. With our broad range of damp proofing services, we provide the most appropriate type of damp proofing for your property.

Choosing Brunel Preservations

Brunel has been treating properties in and around Bath for decades, taking the experience we learn from every job we do & carrying it with us. We pride ourselves on the excellent service that we offer to our customers. We provide damp proofing services, woodworm treatments, dry rot treatments & damp proof coursing throughout Bristol.

Operating throughout Bristol, Brunel Preservations is a local company serving homes & commercial properties. With a team of highly trained & accredited experts, we can survey & remove any damp related issue you may have.

If you ever spot signs of woodworm or damp, the friendly team at Brunel Preservations are here to help. Brunel has decades of experience & offers that experience to you. When you are in need of a woodworm treatment, we’re the provider to choose! If you are looking for a reliable provider of woodworm treatments in Bristol, then visit our page on Woodworm Bristol. Call our team on 0117 953 5383 and discuss options regarding the woodworm in your property today!

Where severe damage has occurred we can remove and replace affected timbers using epoxy resin timber techniques.

All our wood treatments come with guarantees against reoccurrence backed by the Property Care Association.