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Failed wall ties replaced with new, structural repairs to weakened timber
A building’s cavity walls are linked together by metal wall ties but over time these can rust leading to the compromise of structural integrity and even wall collapse.

Houses that were given an expected life of 80-90 years can suffer from corroded wall ties in less than 40 years.

That’s why Brunel Preservations provide a specialist wall tie and structural anchor replacement service. We can replace failed wall ties with top grade stainless steel wall ties.

The first step in the process is for us to assess the condition of the wall ties by inserting a checkscope into the wall and preparing a detailed survey.

Where timber needs strengthening or has to be replaced we use epoxy resin bonding. We often use this following extensive timber treatment work.
Signs that show wall tie corrosion or failure:

  • Horizontal cracking in brickwork
  • Bowing of the outer wall
  • Gable end movement
  • Structural issues
  • Unexpected pile of bricks

A range of remedies for all structural problems:

  • Structural anchoring
  • Crack repairs
  • Masonry stitching
  • Lateral floor restraints
  • Expansion joints


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We are members of the Wall Tie Installers Federation, which ensures that all its members work to a strict code of practice and provide a 30-year guarantee on work and materials.