Woodworm Bristol

December 12, 2018

Woodworm Bristol – Woodworm – An issue that affects millions of homes

Woodworm Bristol

Woodworm Bristol

Woodworm is a preliminary form of rot that will manifest in millions of homes in the UK. It’s a condition that most UK homes will suffer from in some way, but it’s something you might not know about. Woodworm is only really noticed when it’s found in a home that’s for sale since it’s often something most potential buyers want fixing.

Like any other condition that would affect a home, woodworm has the ability to ruin a home, as it can progress to damage the structural timber that bears the load of the roof. Woodworm slowly eats away at timber which can be very expensive to repair if it’s left too long.

In this post, We go through the different causes of woodworm and what you can do as a homeowner to stop the spread of this condition. If you would like to speak to our team about potential woodworm you’ve spotted in all our team on 0117 953 5383 or visit our website to fill out a contact form and we can soon respond to your query – Woodworm Bristol

What is woodworm?

Wood worm is a term used for a particular type of beetle larvae that feed on different types of timber. Woodworm requires damp conditions to grow which is why damp & woodworm come hand in hand if you come across it in your home. Homes with excess moisture from leaks or poor damp proofing often suffer from woodworm as larvae will hunt damp conditions to grow in. Rots like wet rot and dry rot are also very common in homes that suffer from damp. Woodworm is most often caused by excess moisture since the insect larvae prefer damp conditions to breed/multiply. This is why you usually see damp and woodworm in conjunction with many properties as it’s the damp that facilitates the worsening of the woodworm.

Woodworm doesn’t need to be a daunting term that you’re scared off. As long as you inform yourself about the condition and understand what it is and how to stop it, woodworm is a fairly easy condition to get rid off. As long as you find and catch woodworm quickly, then the damage will be kept to a minimum. This will make the repairs much easier and cheaper.

Like we’ve mentioned above, woodworm can take it’s toll on any home if it’s left to run its course. The larvae will eat away at the timber in your home which ruins the integrity of the timber. Timber is one of the most expensive repairs that we offer since it requires extensive work. If the damage is kept to a minimum, then the timber in your home can be repaired with methods like resin filling which can repair the structural integrity of the spoiled timber.

Why choose Brunel Preservations for your woodworm removal?

We have been treating properties in & around Bristol for decades, refining our service after every job we’ve taken! From domestic to commercial properties, we’re able to provide a professional service every time! We take pride in the services that we offer, from our damp proof treatments to our rot removal. Operating in Bristol & surrounding areas, Brunel is a friendly local company with national grade achievements. With a team of highly trained removal experts, we provide professional services that help any home or property owner remove damp in their building.

If you spot signs of woodworm or damp in your home, then the team at Brunel are ready to help you! Our expert team has decades of experience with woodworm removal and we offer that experience to you. If you’re looking for a professional provider of damp proofing services then Brunel is the company for you! Visit our page on Woodworm Bristol or call our team on 0117 953 5383 and discuss options regarding the woodworm in your property today!